Graduate Students

Ph.D Students and Past Members

Current Students:

  • Czarina Evangelista
  • Conall Mac Cionnaith
  • Jesse Lacasse
  • Collin Gagné
  • Smita Patel

Lab Alumni:

  • Matt Quinlan (Professor at California State University at San Bernadino)
  • Nicole Gervais (Post Doc at University of Toronto)
  • Dan Madularu (Business Development Specialist at Mitacs, Ottawa)
  • Dema Hussain (Psychologist at Montreal Therapy Center)
  • Anne Almey (Post Doc at University of Toronto)
  • Waqqas Shams (Project Analyst at MaRS Innovation, Toronto)

Applying to Grad School

Joining the Brake Lab

At the Brake lab we are always looking for talented students to join the team. If you are interested in joining the lab please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

Unfortunately, we are currently only recruiting students who have external funding, and we do not accept students who wish to enter the clinical psychology training stream. Potential applicants are expected to have applied to Tri-Council agencenies or local agencies for funding (see links below).




Recent Publications

(2018). 17β-estradiol locally increases phasic dopamine release in the dorsal striatum.. Neurosci Lett.


(2018). Varying the rate of intravenous cocaine infusion influences the temporal dynamics of both drug and dopamine concentrations in the striatum.. Eur J Neurosci.


(2018). Sex differences in spatial navigation: the role of gonadal hormones. Current opinion in behavioral sciences.

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(2017). Interactions between estradiol and haloperidol on perseveration and reversal learning in amphetamine-sensitized female rats. Hormones and Behavior.

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Is one chip ever enough?

How do hormonal contraceptives affect the brain, spatial navigation, and decision-making in both women and in female rats?

How do ovarian hormones and ketamine interact at a neurobiological level in the brain of female rats?

Where are the membrane-bound progesterone receptors and what do they do?

How does oxytocin influence our choice of sexual partner? How do oxytocin and estradiol interact in the brain?